Stefano Nistri

Webinar Speakers

CMSR Veneto Medica

Stefano Nistri, MD PhD, was born in Rome, took his Degree in Medicine at Florence University, and his Post Graduate in Cardiology at Padua University, under the Direction of Professor Sergio Dalla Volta. His main interests focus on the utilization of echocardiography in the assessment of valvular heart disease, on HCM, aortopathies, diastolic function, and in translational cardiology. He served as a fellow in the Cardiomyopathy Center at Careggi Florence Hospital under the Direction of Prof. Franco Cecchi MD, ad acted as a member of the ESC Task Force for the ESC Guidelines on HCM. Thereafter he completed his PhD in Experimental and Applied Internal Medicine, under the direction of Prof. Rosanna Abbate MD. He carries his clinical activity in an outpatient setting, accredited with the Italian National Health System, as Chief of the Cardiology Service of CMSR Veneto Medica in Altavilla Vicentina, Italy.